Paige Boyd


I’m Paige, a Freelance Digital Designer and Interaction Design Graduate.

My passion is designing. I am constantly experimenting and trying out new techniques and ideas to better my skills as a creative.

I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in BDes (Hons) Interaction Design in July 2018. During my degree, I developed an interest in user interface design. I love pushing the boundaries of what a website or app is expected to look like by playing around with dynamic and modern designs. At the moment I'm working as a Freelance Digital Designer, and have spent the past few months working with a variety of companies including Funds-Axis, Finmondo and Danske Bank. I'm currently searching for some new opportunities in UI/UX or Digital Product Design, whether that's a full time position or a freelance contract. If you have something in mind, drop me a message.

In my final year of university I focused on designing an iOS app and conceptual Augmented Reality product which explores how immersive tech could improve communication between Deaf and Hearing children. If you're keen to see more, I blogged about my process on Medium


Major Project thumbnail

Major Project: Signar
AR, App UI, Illustration, Animation

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Redesign Project thumbnail

UI Design: Experimentation
UI Design, Illustration, Dribbble

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Extinct Bird website thumbnail

Finding an Extinct Bird
UI Design, Web Dev, Illustration

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Elements Website thumbnail

UI, Web Dev, Illustration, CSS Animation

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Illustrations thumbnail

Illustration, Character Design

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Wanderlust Website thumbnail

Wanderlust: Icon Set
Icon Design, Illustration, Web Dev

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